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Written by Dan Wilkinson Content Manager
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31 Jan 2019  |  Expanding Internationally

Five Key Takeaways from our Moving to New Markets Webinar

To help software businesses looking to move into new markets, we’ve produced a webinar providing the insight we’ve gained. Hosted by our Chief Customer Officer Harrison Rose the webinar covers expanding abroad, moving upstream as well as downstream.

To give a bit of background on our webinar host Harrison Rose, he's had more in-depth conversations with our sellers than anyone else in the company. Having co-founded Paddle with our CEO, Christian Owens, six years ago they’ve grown the company to over 140+ people and are continuing to expand. This webinar is based on a SaaStock workshop that Harrison gave, to which we’ve adapted and added new material.

  1. When looking at expanding abroad, one of the key indicators that you’re ready is having 25% of your customers outside your home market. This recognizes a global need for your product abroad and allows you to have reference customers to base your localizing campaign around. In the webinar, we cover the other two questions that you need to answer before considering expansion abroad.

  2. What team will come with you in this international expansion is also another concern we address, there’ll need to be a landing team and a team for the mid-term. The landing team is made up of existing staff and is there to maintain company standards and culture. We cover what the mid-term team can implement in more detail in the first part of the presentation.

  3. When wondering why you should make the move for selling to enterprise sellers by going upstream; consider the benefit of increased growth, offsetting costs and heading where the larger revenues are.

  4. To own a process like upstreaming, you need to have a sales team ready to support the growth. This is coupled with a Success team focussed on onboarding, retaining and up-selling these enterprise customers. We cover what aspects you’ll need to implement and what approach to take in the second half of the presentation.

  5. There’s the case of Sophos, who chose to roll-out their first ever consumer product not with the aim of revenue, but to raise brand awareness and increase their selling power to enterprise businesses.

Moving to New Markets is the first of our monthly webinars, we’ll be holding more so software sellers can gain more of an insight into growing and empowering their business.

Interested to find more insight from the full webinar? Click the button below to watch a recording of the webinar and stay updated when these webinars are happening as well as receive links to the future webinars if you're unable to attend.

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