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Written by Conor Kennedy Content Review Analyst
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24 Jun 2018  |  Culture

Delivering Buyer Support With a Human Touch

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I’m Conor, one of Paddle’s Buyer Support Representatives. We help people needing assistance with products purchased from our sellers. I wanted to cover some of the ways we operate, as well as what makes our support unique. I also talked to the other members of the team, getting them to reflect on our everyday obstacles and how we tackle them.

What Does Buyer Support Do?

At Paddle we help over 600 software businesses sell their products. My team helps people who buy these products with any billing or delivery questions, on behalf of our sellers.

We provide a service that’s part of our platform: we don’t think our sellers should spend a lot of their valuable time checking a failed payment query, reminding a buyer about a lost license code or answering other routine questions - but rather be able to focus on building their own product. Our expertise in payments, disputes and other specific issues means we’ve seen all types of challenging scenarios over the years.

How Do We Do Things Differently?

Most companies rely on good support, and we're no different. Since we provide support to people who buy the software of our sellers, the quality of our support is even more important: if our work leaves buyers satisfied, they will tend to like the seller’s product better - but if we don’t, this impacts more than us.

To avoid that, we focus on providing an extra level support, emphasizing the human element rather than automated responses.


The Importance of Communication

We work in a fast growing business, which means we’re constantly having to adapt to new challenges: lots of new sellers, product features and new ways to help buyers. We mitigate some of these challenges through “stand ups” chats at the start of the day, which are generally quick run downs of issues where the team will openly discuss things that need attention. For example, someone may say that a seller is updating their support email address: sharing this knowledge allows us to prevent any miscommunication.

“When we respond to a buyer, it comes straight from the individual who made the initial communication rather than whoever is available at the time, helping build rapport and a relationship with the buyer. In my view, this is how we go above and beyond.” - Ahmed (Support Representative)

Flexibility Is Key

We have sellers all across the globe, and their buyers tend to be based all over the world as well. Having coverage at all times is necessary for buyers who don’t live within our GMT timezone. Shift coverage is all about being able to support customer queries in a time that suits them - we have people on shifts which operate from 1pm-10pm GMT, this effectively covers EST and PST time zones respectively.

“We are very flexible, in that though we based in the UK, we have late shifts to cater to our US buyers as well as phone support. We do this by having dedicated team members covering the late shift. I can’t stress enough how efficient this makes us.” - Steve (Support Representative)

Phone support is a crucial part of delivering this extra care to the customers, as buyers may prefer to be talked through the issue - because it’s complex, or because they simply want know that someone is on the other end is there to help.

We Value Feedback

When working with multiple buyers, it’s important that we are all on the same page. We work together with sellers and they can bring us feedback on updating new features or licences, allowing us to always be on top of what the buyer wants.

“Feedback makes a huge difference. For example, a buyer may misplace their license key and need us to resend the code, we can easily use the Paddle dashboard to find the license for them.” - Steve (Support Representative)


Let's Not Forget Seller Support

Seller Support, the sister team to Buyer Support, plays an important role in communicating changes to sellers. They then feed updates back to Buyer Support, playing a vital role in making buyers as satisfied as possible.

“Our strength comes from our ability to share knowledge around all departments, which we use to assist the customers on all levels of their query.” - Olga (Support Representative)

As we grow, our objective is to keep building these strong relationships with buyers, letting their voices be heard through feedback to sellers and continuing to stay flexible throughout it all!

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