We've added grouping and increased the flexibility of our Coupon API

By Rob Hudson, 05 Nov 2017, in product

Coupons are great. Whether they’re underpinning your marketing campaigns, giving your customers a little extra discount at the checkout, or smoothing things out when things go awry, they can be really versatile tools. But creating them can be time consuming and painstakingly manual - making it hard for you to get the most out of them.

We believe in a couple of principles: 1) common tasks should be painless and 2) you should not have your imagination limited by your tools. This is why we’ve released 2 major improvements to our coupon API:

  • Better creation and management of large groups of coupons
  • Greater flexibility in the kind of discounts you can create

Introducing coupon grouping

Gone are the days when all your coupons were listed together. You can now group coupons during their creation and see each group separately in your dashboard, rather than waste time hunting them down.

We have already rolled out the grouping feature to many of you, and will be progressively rolling it out to everyone. If you want early access, just reach out to our team via the dashboard!

We recommend giving all coupons in the group the same prefix, for added clarity.

For example, create 100 Cyber Monday coupons via one API call with “Cyber Monday” as a group, using the CYBERMONDAY prefix, and let us handle the naming of each coupon code. They’ll appear in a dedicated group - perfect to see how your Cyber Monday marketing is going! Paddle Coupon Grouping

Coupons that do whatever you want them to do

Software discounts require a lot of flexibility: this is why you can specify exactly how your coupons should behave.

  • Specify the coupon name, set a coupon prefix, or let us generate the entire string for you
  • Use flat or percentage discounts - e.g $30 or 40% off
  • Make it recur if you’re discounting a subscription - or just discount the first billing period, and charge full price thereafter
  • Restrict the number of uses if you wish - from a 1,000 use mass coupon you blast on Twitter to a one-off coupon you send in your direct email newsletters
  • Add an expiration date to make it time-bound
  • Make it usable on all your products, or select specific product(s)

Coupons on-demand

We’ve seen pretty imaginative uses for coupons, and we want to continue to support that. This is why our coupon API lets you manage coupons on the fly, so that you can for example:

  • Create a unique coupon for a customer after a Zendesk case is closed, and email it to them automatically
  • Let your customers purchase software as a gift for someone else
  • Create different discounts based on how long your customers have been using your products

There are hundreds more uses for coupons, made possible by the combination of our coupon API and our usual checkout customization capabilities.

We’ve recently written about the best discounts for Black Friday - a good occasion to use our coupon API and grow your sales…

Get started with coupons

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