How Zengobi sold 4.5x more on Black Friday

By Paul Tebbs, 03 Nov 2017, in showcase, Black Friday

We recently published our guide to Black Friday discounts, based on all the software sales we’ve processed over the years. But whilst data is great, we also want to bring this to life with some practical examples: over the next few weeks we’ll be adding real life stories of what software businesses did for Black Friday - and the results they got out of it.

After seeing how Flixel doubled their sales and how Pinegrow made $47,000, today we look at Zengobi, the makers of well-known macOS productivity app Curio.

The results: +358% on Black Friday and 2x revenue during the week

Revenue growth




Price point

$59.99 - 139.99


Mixed B2C/B2B

Zengobi saw stronger sales in general during Black Friday and Cyber Monday week-end, with +106% their usual turnover. Black Friday itself was however the commercial peak by far, with almost 5x the usual Curio sales on a Friday.

What did Zengobi do during their Black Friday campaign?

Zengobi focused on the Black Friday week-end rather than spreading their efforts too thin during the whole week.

They offered a 30% discount off new retail Curio licenses and targeted new, non-academic customers using a two pronged approach:

  • Overtaking the top of their website with a banner showcasing the offer
  • Pushing the deal on social media, specifically Twitter and Facebook

Zengobi's Black Friday Curio website banner

The top of their website promoted the sale:

  • Building up urgency: “For a limited time, new Curio 10 licenses are 30% off! This sale ends on Sunday, November 27, 2016 so don’t miss it!”
  • Simple but efficient way to attract attention”: the colours of the banner make it extremely visible, and therefore drive a lot of traffic to that sale - resulting in much higher conversions from visitors who may not have been aware from the promotion otherwise

Zengobi's Black Friday Curio Twitter promotion

The promotion was also pushed on Twitter, and Facebook, to attract more visitors:

  • Use of the right hashtag: although using paid advertising to boot visibility on Twitter and Facebook often has more impact (at a cost), simply using the #blackfriday hashtag helps gain visibility outside their existing follower base

Zengobi's Black Friday Curio Facebook promotion

Zengobi is a good example of a successful Black Friday software sale that didn’t rely on emailing their own customer base, or expensive advertising campaigns.

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About Zengobi and Curio - become enlightened

Curio is an intuitive, freeform notebook environment with all the integrated tools you need to take notes, brainstorm ideas, collect research, and organize your tasks and documents. A single, incredibly powerful application where you can be more productive and focus on getting things done.

Learn more on Zengobi’s website.

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