How Sparkle tripled their revenue on Black Friday

By Tom Holland-Hibbert, 05 Nov 2017, in showcase, Black Friday

We recently published our guide to Black Friday discounts, based on all the software sales we’ve processed over the years. But whilst data is great, we also want to bring this to life with some practical examples: over the next few weeks we’ll be adding real life stories of what software businesses did for Black Friday - and the results they got out of it.

After seeing how Flixel doubled their sales and how Pinegrow made $47,000, today we look at Sparkle which gives you the power and speed to build websites with a visual tool.

The results: +226% sales on Black Friday

Revenue growth




Price point




Sparkle saw sales grow on both Black Friday (+226%) and Cyber Monday (+124%), leading to an overall revenue increase of 81% during Black Friday week.

Interestingly their sales mostly happened in the evening in Europe (based on Paris time), between 19:00 and midnight.

But peaked in the afternoon in the US (based on New York time), around 15:00 - 17:00.

What did Sparkle do during their Black Friday campaign?

Sparkle focused on 2 channels to attract new customers during Black Friday:

  • They reached out to Mac blogs
  • They promoted their 40% discount on Twitter and Facebook

Lists of Black Friday deals are a good way for customers to see the best available deals, and for software sellers to attract new customers without any advertising costs.

Sparkle reached out to the likes of MacStories with a simple email:

Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal heads up.

Sparkle (Mac visual website builder) is 40% off ($79.99->$47.99) for BlackFriday/CyberMonday:

Thanks for any exposure.

Sparkle exposure on MacStories

Sparkle also promoted their offer on Twitter and Facebook. As you can see in the examples below, they came up with various versions:

  • Urgency: 40% off for a limited time
  • Humorous hook: we can all relate to a relative asking for a website…
  • Last chance: promoting the free trial on Cyber Monday

The success of Sparkle on Black Friday shows that reaching out to the relevant consumer blogs to get your deal included, and using different approaches on social media can go a long way.

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About Sparkle - Pro visual web design

Sparkle gives you the power and speed to build websites you didn’t think were possible with a visual tool. It’s everything you need, without a line of code.

Learn more on Sparkle’s website.

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