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Written by Dan Wilkinson Content Manager
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12 Oct 2018  |  Black Friday

Attracting New Customers for Black Friday

Looking to gain new customers this Black Friday? We outline the best promotions to attract people to your software product.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday’s impact as one of the best days to sell software cannot be underestimated.

This is why we’re breaking down the ways to pick up new customers.

Best promotions/discounts for hooking new users

When looking for ways to draw people in, what better place to start than your own homepage?

Zengobi realized that potential customers looking to buy their product Curio may not make it to their Black Friday page. That’s why they used a banner saying:

For a limited time, new Curio 10 licenses are 30% off! This sale ends on Sunday, November 27, 2016 so don’t miss it!


This banner pushes the urgency of the sale, rather than letting customers think that they’ve got enough time to go back and forth, it gives them a deadline to make a decision by. The design is also something you can’t ignore, allowing you to focus first on the sale when you browse the site. For more info on what other marketing techniques Zengobi used, check out our Black Friday analysis.

What Socials Channels Should I Be Using?

Social media is all about having a platform to attract new followers, who are also able to purchase straight away!

Our top tips for your social strategy are:

  • Give an exclusive discount: giving something special to your community is a good way to reward them and add more value to following you on Facebook, Twitter etc. Also, remember to use the right hashtags (

    for example).

  • Make sure your website looks great on mobile: people mostly consume social media through their phones - make it easy for them to redeem your offer when they click through. On the plus side, our checkout is already optimized for mobile 😉

  • Use a Black Friday landing page: keep the funnel distraction-free. Avoid sending traffic to your homepage but instead send them to a landing page that repeats the specific offer they saw on social media, with a direct way to redeem the offer in one click.

  • Focus on the right networks: don’t try and be active on all networks. Focus on 1 or 2 - whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or any other channel depends on your customers, your product and the country they live in (especially important in Russia and China where large local social networks dominate).

  • Time it right: there’s no hard rule but you can either join the flow at its highest, when everyone else is promoting or trying to communicate when it’s quieter (but when fewer customers may be looking). As we found out previously the peak of Black Friday with software sellers tend to be around 11:00 to 19:00 (local time for your customers).

  • Dedicate time to answer comments: remember that social media contains the word “social”. Customers may comment, ask questions, or generally post their love for your products: be ready to reply, as this contributes to spreading the message and showing a creator who cares.

Sparkle's Tweets have a consistent message, but explore this in a variety of ways to promote their sale.

A relative wants you, the “computer genius”, to create a website? Startle them with Sparkle! 40% off till Monday.
— Sparkle for Mac (@sparkleapp) November 24, 2016

Food hangover and can’t tell your divs from your spans? Sparkle to the rescue! 40% off till Monday.
— Sparkle for Mac (@sparkleapp) November 25, 2016

Sparkle is 40% off ($79.99->$47.99) for CyberMonday, try it for free then make your mind up and get it today:
— Sparkle for Mac (@sparkleapp) November 28, 2016

Cross-promotion - The Power of Collaboration?

One aspect that often gets overlooked is cross-promotion, which is when you team up with another company within your sector. To illustrate our point, you could team up if you’re two companies both selling to designers.

This could come in the form of newsletters promotion, social media or even a new product bundle. For those considering cross-promotion, or looking for someone to team-up, get in touch and we’ll be able to help with some suggestions and maybe even an introduction!


If you want someone else to aid your promotion, working with the press should definitely be in your marketing plan. This could come in the form of being added to a relevant blog’s Black Friday top picks.

You can achieve this by creating a list of relevant blogs that your audience would read. Then you can go through the list, emailing them all with a tailored message about what links your brands.

Sparkle have aced this strategy by reaching out to relevant blogs. Lists of Black Friday deals are a good way for customers to see the best available deals, and for software sellers to attract new customers without any advertising costs.

Sparkle reached out to the likes of Macstories with a simple email:

Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal heads up. Sparkle (Mac visual website builder) is 40% off ($79.99->$47.99) for Black Friday/Cyber Monday: Thanks for any exposure.

Using these techniques will allow you to attract new people to your sales campaign.

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