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Written by Christian Owens CEO
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07 Mar 2018  |  Announcements

We've been named a Future Fifty company

We’re proud to announce that we’re joining Tech City’s Future Fifty programme, which selects the most exciting growth stage tech businesses in the UK.

We’re very excited to announce that we’re joining Tech City's Future Fifty programme alongside a new cohort of 26 late stage companies.

Future Fifty selects the most exciting growth stage tech businesses in the UK, focusing on those who change the sectors they operate in fundamentally.

This aligns particularly well with our vision to be the platform that all software companies use to run and grow their business.

Building something that hasn’t been done before is hard work and joining a crowd of similarly ambitious tech companies will help us stay one of the fastest growing businesses in the UK whilst building a great platform that software companies love using.

We're proud to join a highly selective programme that counts some of the most successful digital businesses in the UK such as Just Eat, Skyscanner, Deliveroo, Zoopla and Farfetch amongst its 126 alumni.

These companies have had a tremendous impact, creating 27,000 jobs around the world and we can't wait to learn from them!


For more information, check out Future Fifty.

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