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The All-in-One Zuora Alternative Just for SaaS

With Paddle, customise your checkout, manage all payments, subscriptions, invoices, global taxes with buyer support and account management in one platform + service solution.

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Kaleido AI

No more billing bolt-ons

Zuora is a subscription management tool

Focusing on enterprise B2C subscription companies, Zuora enables you to manage subscription and billing logic between your customers with the requirement to fully integrate with your payment providers and all other tools.

Paddle is a SaaS Commerce platform

Manage the entire customer & billing journey with payments, subscriptions, tax, compliance, fraud, and more, from one unified platform with services to help you growth too. Just for SaaS companies.

“Paddle just sits on top of everything”

Payments and subscriptions together

Keep all your payment methods and subscription management together in one flexible, easy-to-use platform.

Flexible subscription logic for SaaS

Seamless SaaS customer journeys from upgrades and downgrades, 1-time purchases, and cancellations in one place.

Revenue Operations

All tax, fraud, churn prevention, and integrates with your software backend, CRM, accounting, and more.

Free your team to grow

Get the service and support you need to scale without tying up your accounting & support headcount.