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The Flexible + Future-Proof Digital River Alternative for SaaS

Paddle is the modern Merchant of Record for fast growing SaaS companies. Complete control over your billing stack without the high fees.

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Merchant of Record: Old vs. New

Digital River is a legacy merchant of record for any digital e-Commerce

Launched in 1994, manage ecommerce platform for payments, subscriptions, and taxes with Digital River.

Paddle is the modern merchant of record for SaaS

Paddle brings top-converting checkouts, subscription management for SaaS use cases, modern APIs, and clean dashboards to the MOR model. All with lower standard fees than legacy providers.

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Integrated global payments methods

Sell software how your users want to buy with more payment methods, currencies, and countries.

Flexible subscription logic for SaaS

Seamless SaaS customer journeys from upgrades and downgrades, 1-time purchases, and cancellations in one place.

Revenue Operations

All tax, fraud, churn prevention, and integrates with your software backend, CRM, accounting, and more.

Free your team to grow

Get the service and support you need to scale without tying up your accounting & support headcount.