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The Only 😇 Tax-Compliant Braintree Alternative for SaaS

Paddle replaces the Braintree + all your extra integrations, and removes the burden of tax compliance for SaaS businesses - from side projects and startups to VC-backed scale-ups.

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🧩 Braintree is just one piece of your payments puzzle.

Braintree is a payments processor

Braintree is a payment processor for internet businesses. Create checkouts, accept card payments, and manage payouts.

Paddle is a Unified SaaS Commerce Platform

All you need to sell software online in 2020. Paddle manages all payment methods, subscription billing, sales tax compliance, fraud protection, revenue recovery, currencies, metrics, and more from one platform.

How Paddle enables your whole business to scale

For Executives

Remove technical & compliance blockers to your go-to-market strategies and revenue growth.

For Product Managers

Replace Braintree (integrated with dozens of tools) with a managed “All-in-One” platform.

For Finance

Remove the costs & complexity of managing your sales tax compliance & revenue reporting.

Why Teams Migrate to Paddle

Refocus your resources & headcount on your product & growth.