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Retain 2 months more revenue in the next 12 months with Paddle

Paddle is the modern 2Checkout alternative for software businesses. Flexible SaaS billing and higher conversions πŸ“ˆ without the high fees.

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Join 2,000+ businesses growing with Paddle

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SaaS businesses on 2Checkout have the highest increase in conversions when they test Paddle πŸ₯‡

2Checkout is a legacy merchant of record for any digital e-Commerce

Launched in 2008, manage ecommerce platform for payments, subscriptions, and taxes with 2Checkout (and previously Avangate). They don't specialise on software and SaaS business use cases.

Paddle is the modern merchant of record for SaaS

Paddle brings top-converting checkouts, subscription management for SaaS use cases, modern APIs, and clean dashboards to the MOR model. All with lower standard fees than legacy providers.

Retain two months more revenue when you move to Paddle πŸ’°

2Checkout sellers report a 30% lift in conversions through A/B testing with Paddle.

Together with 20% lower standard fees than 2Monetize, more flexible subscriptions, and easy 1-time purchase & add-on capabilities, that equated to another two months revenue over the next 12 months after migrating across.

πŸ’Έ Reduce churn today with flexible subscriptions

Paddle makes it easy to pause or update subscriptions so customer's don't cancel subscriptions unnecessarily.

Create smarter downgrade, upsells, and subscription pause experiences automatically so you retain more revenue today, grow more customer accounts tomorrow, and radically decrease billing support tickets.

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Maximize conversions & revenue per customer with Paddle Checkout

Paddle includes all your currencies, payment methods, and languages wrapped up in a clean, brandable overlay or inline checkout.

SaaS businesses & growth team have proven Paddle Checkout in head-to-head tests across hundreds of millions of dollars of transactions - try your test today.

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Sell to big and small customers with native invoicing

Issue tax-compliant invoices from Paddle or Salesforce. Take payments through wire transfer (and the Paddle Checkout) where we reconcile and mark as paid on your behalf.

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πŸ˜‡ We’ll treat your customers better

As a Merchant of Record, we take as much care over your customers as we do over you.

Paddle’s 24/7 international buyer support team keeps 99.5% SLAs met, has 96% customer satisfaction and a 5-star rating on Trustpilot.

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✨ The modern merchant of record just for software businesses

Paddle has the best of all worlds. The benefits of a merchant of record in a modern platform.

Save up to 20% on fees compared to 2Monetize by 2Checkout πŸ“‰

No need to overspend to use a Merchant of Record. Paddle standard fees are 20% cheaper than 2Checkout's feesΒ for their 2Monetize Merchant of Record offering.

See all the benefits of a Merchant of Record, more flexible tools to drive revenue growth, and a better converting checkout - all for a lower price.