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We've got an open and transparent culture, focusing on doing the right thing, staying curious, making an impact in the work we do and taking ownership. We're also having a lot of fun.

Do The Right Thing

We believe that our long-term vision can only be realised if we do the right thing rather than take self-serving shortcuts, from the way we treat each other and build long-term relationships to the type of customer we work with and the product we build.

Be Open and Transparent

We strive to be open and transparent in our communications and decisions. We celebrate what went well and learn from what didn’t go as well together and share all information and context openly. This allows us to foster trust, work better together and empower everyone to succeed.

Stay Curious

We’re growing fast, which means that nothing stays the same very long. We believe that in order to succeed we all need to stay curious, adaptive and open to new ideas. We hire people who can learn faster than we grow and empower them to constantly improve.

Focus On The Impact

We are creating a whole new way for software companies to run and grow, something we can look back and be proud of having built. Building something that hasn’t been done before is hard, and we're not the only ones trying to solve this problem. Doing work that makes an impact is how we'll achieve our ambitious goals.

Take Ownership

Working at a fast-growing startup means that you will constantly be exposed to new projects, complex problems to tackle and processes that no longer work for us. Instead of waiting for someone else to decide or fix it, we take ownership, come up with a plan and work across team boundaries to get it done.