We've got an open and transparent culture, focusing on delighting our customers, building trust, learning constantly and making an impact in the work we do. We're also having a lot of fun.

Delight Our Customers

We exist to help our customers and have grown because we have built personal relationships with the people we serve. We want to constantly delight them, take the extra step to help them succeed and be worthy of the trust they place in us.

For example, we spend an inordinate amount of time giving free advice, keep open channels of communication whether it’s on Skype or in person, and make sure we road test everything we build with the customers who need it the most.

Be Open and Transparent

We are incredibly open and transparent in our communications and decisions. We celebrate what went well and learn from what didn’t go as well together and share all information and context openly. This allows us to foster trust, work better together and empower everyone to succeed.

For example, we share the same financial dashboard to the board and to our team. We hold regular all hands meetings and invite everyone to ask the leadership team any question, especially if they’re challenging!

Build Trust

Our platform is built on trust and our reputation depends on it. Our sellers trust us to provide a reliable service and manage payments, currencies and tax compliance so they don’t have to. We trust our people with lots of information and responsibility because we believe they will repay that trust with amazing work.

For example, we build our platform with reliability and security in mind, are transparent with our sellers when there’s an issue and trust the best judgment of our people rather than micromanagement.

Learn Constantly

We’re growing fast, which means that nothing stays the same very long. We believe that in order to succeed we all need to stay curious, adaptive and open to new ideas. We hire people who can learn faster than we grow and empower them to constantly improve. We really care about getting to the best decision as a team and believe that this can only be achieved if everyone, no matter their background or seniority, feels free to speak up, challenge us and argue for what they believe in, using data whenever it’s available.

For example, we build individual onboarding for the first few weeks of each new joiner, give access to our analytics and data tools to everyone, craft personal development plans, provide first-time manager training, favour a solid rationale over a single person’s opinion and constantly ask ourselves “why”.

Work With Impact & Urgency

We are creating a whole new way for software companies to run and grow, something we can look back and be proud of having built. Building something that hasn’t been done before is hard, and we're not the only ones trying to solve this problem. Moving with urgency, focus and doing work that makes an impact is how we'll achieve our ambitious goals. Our best work comes when we truly care about what we do and are working as a team towards the same shared mission. We trust you to focus on what work will have the most impact, in the manner that suits you best.

For example, we build our platform so it can serve all types of software businesses rather than just a few and spend a lot of energy on hiring exceptional people and training them. Some days you may want to stay late to finish off an important project and other days you may want to work from home or leave early to catch a flight or watch your kid play football. We work with early birds and night owls, and accommodate your personal work preference as long as it doesn’t impact your work or the rest of the team.