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Case Study

How Framer moved from $15/month licenses to $100,000+ enterprise deals

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Case Study

How Renderforest Unlocked 3x ARR Growth

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Case Study

How Razeware Scaled Sales by 960% with Paddle on Black Friday

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Case Study

How Tower Moved to a Subscription-based Model and Grew Revenue by 96% YoY

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"Paddle supports our business as we grow internationally with localized currencies, payment methods and handles all international tax. This ensures we can focus on giving our customers around the world the best possible customer experience."

Daria Magdik
Head of Business Development

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"Paddle has been instrumental in helping us optimize our subscription model and pricing based on their experience in our field, and we’re already seeing an uplift in growth of revenue with higher conversion rates. I highly recommend it."

Dimitrie Baitanciuc

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"Paddle has been an integral part of our enterprise journey, providing support with billing and licensing deals that has helped increase our global revenue growth."

Sara Tandowsky
VP Operations

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G2Crowd G2Crowd

We're proud to have just been recognized as a Leader by G2Crowd as a Subscription Management and E-Commerce Platform, based on overly positive client reviews.

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G2Crowd High Performance

"Quick and easy integration... I wouldn't want to do business without the help of Paddle anymore."

"Perfect solution for international payments"

"We really appreciate handling all the tax stuff on our behalf because we're a small company and don't have resources to handle complicated bureaucracy ourselves."

"We successfully moved from a long, multi-step checkout process to a simple two-step process. This resulted in a marked improvement in conversion rate."