We work with hundreds of software companies worldwide

We help over 1,000 software businesses succeed

Our platform is used to sell Mac, Windows, SaaS and cross-platform software as well as digital content, serving everyone from indie developers and startups to leading tech companies in 150 different countries.

Easy to run your business

We unify everything you need to sell software in one platform. No more painfully dealing with sales taxes, interconnecting and maintaining integrations between payment providers, subscription billing logic and software licensing.

“Handling merchant accounts and VAT compliance would have been a nightmare and taken months to setup without Paddle!”

Colin Fleming, Founder, Cursive 🇦🇺

Grow your business

Focus on growing your business. We offer conversion-optimized checkouts, smart commerce features to let you cross-sell and increase the average order, and highly actionable data and insights.

“We’ve increased conversion rates by 70% since switching to Paddle”

Alexey Gorokhov, Co-Founder, Auslogics 🇦🇺

Easy to get started

Getting started with us is quick and painless, even if you're switching your existing volume. We have a modern platform with a straightforward implementation and advanced customization possibilities, and a dedicated solutions architect for the more sophisticated integrations.

“Managing my sales with Paddle is the easiest part of my business”

Ray Marshall, Founder, mSeven 🇺🇸

Reach new heights

Never miss an opportunity again. Accept payments from customers large and small in the currencies they prefer, without building a back office team.

“Paddle has been an integral part of our enterprise journey, providing support with billing and licensing deals that has helped increase our global revenue growth.”

Sara Tandowsky, Head of Operations, Framer 


We're proud to have just been recognized as a Leader by G2Crowd as a Subscription Management and E-Commerce Platform, based on overly positive client reviews.

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“We swapped from Stripe to Paddle to enable us to sell globally; since launching with Paddle, our sales have tripled.”

Micha Mazaheri, CEO, Paw Inc. 🇫🇷

“It’s been really successful for us: 90% of our sales are now subscriptions”

Mark Pavlidis, CTO, Flixel 🇨🇦

“Our latest product launch sold 3x more than previous versions thanks to Paddle”

Timothy Perfitt, Twocanoes 🇺🇸

“Our purchase flow is 3x shorter thanks to Paddle, which has drastically improved conversion”

Sam Davies, Razeware 🇬🇧

“Quick and seamless integration and migration of our 10,000 SaaS customers”

Tomer Shay, Founder & CEO EverSQL 🇮🇱

“Swapping to Paddle has been the single best ROI since we opened shop 6 years ago.”

Andrew Schenk, Founder, Chimp Studios 🇺🇸

Make It Easy to Run and Grow Your Software Business with Paddle

Everything you need to sell software with checkout, subscriptions, licenses, promotions and reporting bundled in one single platform.

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